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Empowering Dreams Through Dance Scholarships

Truckee Dance Factory Booster Club


The Truckee Dance Factory Booster Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing scholarships for local Truckee-Tahoe dance students to ensure their continuous journey of artistic growth and learning. Join us in supporting the next generation of dancers.


Providing Scholarships for the Next Generation of Dancers

The Truckee Dance Factory Booster Club's scholarship program is designed to remove financial barriers and nurture the artistic talents of our aspiring Truckee-Tahoe dance students. Through a streamlined application process, eligible individuals can apply for scholarships to help support their dance education. The selection process is thorough, considering both financial need and demonstrated dedication to the art of dance.

Once selected, scholarship recipients gain access to various programs and classes offered by Truckee Dance Factory. The scholarships cover tuition, competition fees, and other associated expenses, ensuring that talented individuals can pursue their passion of dance who might otherwise face barriers to accessing quality dance education.

More Than Just Financial Support

“Our daughter would not have the opportunity to dance on the Boogie Bots Team if it weren’t for the Truckee Dance Factory Booster Club. Thank you for your continued support in helping to making it accessible to all.

“Both my girls have developed a passion for dance that we never could foreseen but are incredibly grateful for. With each season, their creativity, confidence and self-discipline continue to grow shape character in countless ways. The foundation they built through will be one can always return the rest of lives. We forever Truckee Dance Factory Booster Club.”


Buy Merchandise

Elevate your style while supporting the arts! Explore our exclusive merchandise collection featuring dance-inspired apparel and accessories. <Browse the Shop>


Tax Deductible Donations

Make a lasting impact on the future of dance by making a tax-deductible donation. Your financial support directly funds local Truckee-Tahoe students’ scholarships. <Donate Now>


In-Kind Donations

 From dance attire and equipment to donations for our events, your non-monetary contributions play a crucial role in supporting aspiring dancers. <Contact Us> to learn more about the specific items that can make a huge difference.


Sponsor an Event

Align your business with our commitment to artistic growth and community engagement. Sponsorship opportunities offer visibility and a direct connection to our audience, showcasing your dedication to fostering a vibrant dance future in Truckee-Tahoe. <Contact Us> to explore how your sponsorship can make a meaningful impact.

"Act as if what you do makes a difference.
It does."

William James

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